Broken Dreams

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Broken Dreams

·         The varying length of the stanzas give it an unplanned feeling – stream of consciousness/ memories surfacing

·         The enjambment used throughout the poem fortifies this idea, creating a fast-paced recollection of memories. It is particularly prominent in his recalling of Maud’s youthful beauty- conveys excitement and yearning for the opportunity to again see this incomparable beauty.

·         Sibilance sole—sake also contributes to this dreamlike/ethereal quality. The ‘s’ sound is quiet, calming and also despairing

·         Youth and age

o   Grey in your hair – image of decaying beauty

o   First loveliness of womanhood – youthful perfection conveyed. Envy of the young?

o   Link to ‘There is grey in your hair’/‘Hollow of cheek’ (Among School Children). Both images of ageing and the decaying of natural beauty

o   Young men no longer suddenly catch their breath / When you are passing- The poem begins with somewhat prosaic language, perhaps representing the concept of growing old and old passions dying. Loss of beauty – negative portrayal of aging



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