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Congestion Charge:

Congestion charge is an issue because to go through London between Monday and
Friday from 07:00 to 18:00 will cost people money for a permit through London. It was
usually £8.0 0 but may vary on different days as it could increase or decrease (in the
future). Some…

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No pollution
Easy subscription

You can apply for these Oyster Cards by visiting places like Tube station ticket
offices, Royal Mail services, corner shops etc.

Park and Ride: Park and Ride is trying to be used as one of the main solution for
Congestion Charge. This idea is to make…

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require. This is because there have been many deaths over the years because cars
crash into cyclists and mostly motorists at many junctions and roundabouts. The LCC
have supported the idea of marking out cycle routes but do not want to force
everyone to cycle. They only advise people to…


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