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World Cities

Redevelopment of Urban Areas: Cabot Circus, Broadmead, Bristol

Location: Broadmead, Bristol

No. of stores and services: 140
Split into two areas, the circus itself and Quakers Friars

No. of anchor tenants: 15

Total retail floor area: 92,900 m2 (1,000,000 sq ft)

No. of floors: 4

Parking: 2,500 car…

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Planning time to build Cabot: 10 years

Why it was built:
Already offices at temple Quay and Leisure and waterside apartments developed at
the Harbour side
Council wanted a retailled facility as the centre piece of a regenerated shopping
In 2001 Bristol was only ranked 23rd city on retail…

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Decreased business for the Mall Galleries shopping centre
Increase in traffic congestion and pollution
Parking chaos


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