World Cities - changing patterns in the UK

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World Cities
Retailing and other services: Changing patterns in the UK
Traditional pattern on retailing is based on
Easy, local access to goods such as bread, milk and newspapers which are
purchased on a regular basis, often dailyparticularly if perishable
Willingness to travel to shopping centres for goods with a higher value which are
purchased less often, such as household and electrical goods, clothes and shoes
Twotier structure of retailing
1. Local needs met by corner shops in areas of terraced housing and by suburban
shopping centres
2. Highervalue goods were purchased in the town centre and required a trip by bus
or car
Supermarkets and superstores began to be built in residential areas and town
Sold a full range of food and nonfood items
Idea expanded to hypermarkets that also sold electrical goods and clothing
Development of private car allowed the weekly family shop
Nonfood retail parks expanded ­ DIY, carpet, furniture
Built on the outskirts of towns or cities with easy access to main roads
Warehousetype buildings, uniform in design
Huge outoftown shopping centres built on the periphery of large urban areas and
close to major motorways
Have own motorway junctions
Ecommerce and etailors are growing
Supermarket chains offer online shopping services with delivery
Traditional farmers' markets growing for those who are willing to pay more for
healthier food within a few miles
Factors affecting retail change
Increased mobility
Increased ownership and use of the private car
Expensive car parking in city centres ­ outoftown retail areas have large areas of
free car parking
Next to motorway junctions for speedy access compared to congested city centres
Petrol stations no longer just for fuel ­ similar to local corner shops
Changing nature of shopping habits
People purchase items as part of a weekly, fortnightly or monthly shop
Freezers mean items can be bought in bulk and stored

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Changing expectations of shopping habits
Shopping a family social activity
Larger shopping areas combine retailers with cinemas, restaurants, fastfood outlets,
crèches and entertainment areas
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