World Cities - redevelopment of urban areas

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World Cities
Redevelopment of Urban Areas:
The CBD of a city
contains the principal commercial areas and major public buildings
it's the centre for business and commercial activities
accessible from all parts of the urban area
highest land values in a city
Is segregated into different types of businesses ­ retailing forms an inner core that is
surrounded by an outer core of offices and entertainment centres
CBDs in decline
loss of retailing function (food retailing, electrical goods and DIY) to out of town
shopping centres
loss of offices to suburban of peripheral location in science parks
increasing costs of upkeep and development of the CBDs themselves
Rise in car ownership ­ increased personal mobility and the rise of leisure shopping
Planning policies can encourage urban expansions and developments out of town
City councils determined t attract new industry offer Greenfield sites for
Companies find peripheral locations cheaper, near affluence and staff
Investors and businesses are attracted by peripheral sites ­ good access, pleasant
environments and lower costs
Investment in city centres largely in prestige projects that often lack a coordinated
Congestion means accessibility is reduced
Progressive suburbanisation leads to urban sprawl ­ for edge cities the city centre
may be many kilometres away
city centres perceived as dirty, unsafe, with an aging environment and poor
Reversing the decline
establishment of business and marketing management teams to coordinate overall
management of CBDs and run special events
provision of a more attractive shopping environment with pedestrianisation, new
street furniture, floral displays, paving and landscaping
construction of allweather shopping malls ­ air conditioned and heated
Low cost parking
encouragement of specialist areas such as open street markets, cultural quarters and
improvement of public transport link to the heart of the CBD ­ rapid transport
systems, and parkandride systems
extensive use of CCTV and emergency alarms to reduce crime
Special shopping events ­ Christmas fairs and late time shopping etc
conservation schemes ­ refurbishment of historic buildings
Making CBDs safer for women
Segregated transport for women

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