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Grace Lidgett
Most likely to be asked as 10
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Equality of opportunity:- Tends to relate to policies and procedures existing to in
organisation to attempt to prevent discrimination and prejudice. Equality of
opportunity in relation to ethnicity and gender refers to anti-discrimination. All
people should be treated similarly without artificial barriers.
Race relations:- Refers to relations between different ethnic groups within society.
Used to name anti-discriminatory legislation passed in the UK during the 60s and
Asylum:- Based on the idea of people fleeing persecution and claiming asylum of
refuge elsewhere. It has become a controversial issues in recent years over the
issue of "bogus" asylum seekers.
Immigration:- Simply refers to people moving into a country. There may be all
sorts of reasons why someone would do so: economic, education, family related
etc. Issues have arose on restricting immigration and is suggested by all the major
parties.…read more

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Racism:- A form of discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity of skin colour.
Discrimination:- The word can be used in many ways, in a positive way, it can
seek to help those believed to be current or past victims of discrimination but
more often than not discrimination is negative as it is acting on prejudice and
Prejudice:- Making assumptions on people based on little or no evidence. It is
often based on stereotypes which leads people to pre-judge them and it often
leads to discrimination.
Multiculturalism:- A term in which to describe a diverse society where there are a
number of cultures coexisting with little or no integration. Much of the
Conservative party refer to it as failing.
Integration:- Integration refers to people from different ethnic backgrounds,
living together, working together as part of a cohesive community. Both the
minority and the majority have made compromises to live together
Assimilation:- An approach where immigrants are expected to abandon their
native culture and conform to the traditions and customs of their new culture.…read more

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Exclusion:- Can be known as being left out and whether this be the poor,
minority ethnic groups, or indeed women from the workplace, then both the
individuals and society as a whole in general lost out.
Sexism:- Specific form of discrimination on the basis of gender. Typically
refers to discrimination against women in a patriarchal society.
Gender:- Sex refers to biological differences between a man and women but
gender is about identity and is a cultural identification that women look after
children and men go to work for example.
Patriarchy:- Term to describe a society dominated by men, and is the main
fighting cause for feminists.
Feminism:- Ideology or perspective in which wants to bring an end to
patriarchy and see society as male-dominated in a variety of ways. There are
a number of different kinds of feminists.
Women's movement:- Another term for the feminist movement.…read more

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Rights:- Some rights are considered to be natural or human rights
that we all enjoy, and civil rights are what we gain as citizens.
Political correctness:- Attempts to try and remove language which
may be offensive from public use, some people believe it has gone
mad as it does remove our right to free speech.…read more

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Sustainability:- Refers to a way in which a country can develop economically
without having a negative impact on the environment. It involves
development that meets the needs of the present generation without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Economic growth:- Steady growth in the productive capacity of the
Quality of life:- Refers to the general well-being of individuals and societies.
Quality of life depends on wealth, employment, environment, health,
education etc but should not be confused with standard of living which is
Ecology:- Ecology is the scientific study of the environment and therefore an
ecologist is an environmental scientist rather than a dark green ideologue
ECOLOGISM -which is sometimes given to the whole ideology of the
environment)…read more

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