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AS Government and Politics GOVP1 Revision Guide (AQA)

Is the UK a democracy?

Not democracy (elitism) Democracy (pluralism)
Two parties dominate, meaning some views of It is now becoming easier for small parties at
the electorate aren't heard. other elections.
FirstPastThePost benefits large parties. UKIP won the EU elections in…

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15% turnout at Police and Crime
Commissioner Elections 2012.
Low party membership. Higher nonelectoral membership and
2 million party members in 1980. membership of smaller parties.
500,000 party members now. RSPB has twice the membership of the three
Conservative membership decreased from main parties combined.
3.1% of the population in…

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In the 2015 General Election, UKIP got 3.8 The 2011 Scottish Parliament
million votes per seat, whereas the SNP got election had a turnout of 50%.
26,000 votes per seat.
Apathy The electorate is disillusioned with politics. The electorate do care about
(don't Politics is seen as for elites who…

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Is voting behaviour at UK general elections volatile or stable?

Voting behaviour at UK general elections is Voting behaviour at UK general elections is stable
Long term factors are now less important. Long term factors may still have some
2/3 of the electorate used to vote for their importance.…

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How significant is the election campaign in determining voting behaviour?

Campaign is significant Campaign is not significant

How significant are TV debates in determining voting behaviour?

TV debates are significant TV debates are not significant

How significant are byelections?

Byelections are significant Byelections aren't significant
Show public opinion and the…

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to a
influence over
policy and

Which electoral systems are used in the UK?

Electoral system Description Used for
Firstpastthepost Electorate vote for preferred candidate in a single General
(simple plurality) member constituencies. Candidate with most votes elections
Alternative vote Electorate rank preferred candidates in…

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Electorate also vote for a party's closed list of additional
members in multimember constituencies.
The number of additional members per party is
proportional to the number of votes that party gets.
Additional members at the top of the closed list win.

Should FirstPastThePost be used for UK General Elections?


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The electorate has increased choice due The electorate may not understand due to the
to smaller parties having a greater complexity of a proportional system and having
chance. greater choice.
No need for tactical voting. May lead to reduced turnout and donkey
In the 2014 MEP elections, the electorate voting.…

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MPs are directly Reduced There is a broken
accountable to their accountability. MPconstituency
constituents. MPs loyal to party, link with additional
Austin Mitchell (MP not constituency. members, who feel
for Grimsby) felt a 6 MEPs for Yorkshire loyal to their party,
close connection with and Humber means not the electorate.…

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Can decide decisions when the government Undermines the decisionmaking power of the
can't decide. government and Parliament.
The government couldn't decide on leaving The verdict could represent the popularity of
the European Community in 1975, so called the government rather than an informed
a referendum. decision about the issue in…


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