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Community Cohesion
Catholic Attitudes Protestant Christianity Protestant Christianity (Mode
Teaches that men and women should Many Evangelical Protestants teach Many Protestant Churches now
have equal rights in society and equal that men and women have separate that men and women should
roles in life. However only men can be and different roles and so cannot have equal rights.
ordained as priests. equal rights in religion. Women should
not speak in Church.
Genesis 1:27 teaches that God It is the teaching of the New The creation story in Genesis 1
created men and women at the same Testament, which they believe is the that God created male and fem
time and both in the image of God. So final word of God. St Paul teaches that the same time and of equal st
church teaches that men and women women should not speak in Church. because both were created in
have equal status in the sight of God. image of God.
Only men can be priests because Jesus
was a man and the Priest represents ___ ___
Jesus in the Mass

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Community Cohesion
Catholics and many Christians Evangelical Protestant Christians Liberal Protestant Christi
They believe that non-Christian They believe that everyone has the All religions are equal and are
religions are searching for God and right to convert others. different ways of finding Go
have some truth but only Christianity
has the whole truth. They believe all
other religions should be respected,
and that their followers may get to
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Miss KHP

Great, in depth tool to base your revision notes around Community Cohesion. Well done! 

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