Mark's Gospel Revision.

Nature, cost and problems of discipleship.

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Paralysed Man.


1. Forgiving sins (blasphemy)

2. Healing the man

3. Claiming to have authority to forgive sins

4. Being with an outcast

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Paralysed Man.


1. Jesus has the authority to forgive sins - Today the authority to forgive sins comes from the church through the priest

2. Jesus healed the man - Today this happend with the anointing of the sick (problem as some are healed and some are not)

3. Jesus accused of blasphemy - This is not a problem as Jesus is God (Son of God)

4. Jesus taught us to forgive others (today this is hard for Christians to do)

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Disagreements about the sabbath.


1. Breaking the Sabbath law (picking corn and heals the man)

2. Puts himself on a par with David.

3. Jesus says he is Lord.

4. Jesus questions the law (What does our law allow us to do?)

5. Jesus did not need to heal the man as his life was not in danger.

6. Jesus puts the Sabbath Law second over the needs of others.

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1. Pharisees point out that they cannot work - Christians today are in disagreements about what they are allowed to do on the Sabbath.

2. Jesus said to help or to harm - Today the Sabbath law is secondary to the needs of others.

3. Sabbath made for the good of human beings - Today Sabbath  should be a day set apart from the other days

4. Jesus is Lord even on Sabbath - Jesus is saying he has authority to disobey the law as he is Lord (seen as blasphemy)

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*Community Cohesion*

1. UK is a multi-faith society

2. Mmebers of other faiths have special days of the week - does this mean that these other days should be special day

3. What happens when religious duties interfere with your job? What happens if you have to work on a holy day?

4. What about those who don't follow a religious faith - how should they respond to people's requests based on religious teachings or laws?

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This is sooo helpful !! thank you ! n___n



This is sooo helpful !! thank you ! n___n

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