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Cold War /Superpowers
Knowledge paper ­ Level 2 straight through to
the end (apart from the last question)
So what will I actually need to know?…read more

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1943 ­ 56
Tehran, Yalta, Potsdam
Satellite states/Soviet expansion
Iron Curtain
Truman Doctrine Doh,
Marshall Plan Cold War
Berlin Blockade you
NATO and the Warsaw Pact say...
Arms Race
Cold War Flashpoints
Berlin Wall
Cuban Missile crisis
Czechoslovakia (Prague Spring)
1979 ­ 91
Olympic Boycotts x2
Reagan ­ Evil Empire/Star Wars
Gorbachev ­ Summits/ End of the Arms race/fall of Eastern Europe
End of the Cold War…read more

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Bring and Buy knowledge Sale
Each group will be given a period of the Cold War
You need to spend 5 minutes reviewing this period
and writing down the key events.
Spend 15 minutes adding extra information on the
sheet - present this as a BIG mind map (minimum
of 3 points)
You need to go round to each period individually
and add extra information to other groups mind
Now gather information from each one ­ highlight
Areas you feel confident on
Areas you need to know more about
Find an expert and exchange your knowledge ­
make sure you get knowledge in return ­
`its not something for nothing at GCSE you know...'…read more

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ometer!…read more

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Now you are out in the cold
reviewing your ideas...
...don't share your ideas ­ there are spies
-draw a tension-ometer to describe your
period -
(or are they spies trying to unnerve you...??????)
Cold War spy…read more

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Exam question using the tension-
ometer to help…read more

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amazing resourse very useful for my year 11 class 

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