History revision


The cold war, increasing tensions

History revision

  • After world war two both the USSR and the US were very strong countries however their relations decreased significantly.

The arms race between the USSR and America:

  • The USSR and America both wanted to be the more powerful country. In order to do this they both tried to get the most powerful weapons. In order to do this both countries spend millions of pounds on this which in some cases resulted in decreases for the countries people.
  • America were seen as very powerful after successfully dropping two atomic bombs on Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They killed thousands of people. This made Japan surrender the war.
  • The USA had kept their A bomb a secret from the USSR (atomic bomb) before it was used in Japan. This was the worlds first ever atomic bomb.
  • In 1949 the USSR had exploded their own A bomb. But even then the US were already ahead in making the first ever hydrogen bomb in 1952.
  • The USSR soon followed with a hydrogen bomb in 1955.
  • So therefore America were slightly ahead in the arms race due to them preparing and making…


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