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Hard & Soft
engineering…read more

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What will we be covering today?
Hard engineering
Case Study: Holderness coast
Soft engineering
Case Study: Blackwater estuary…read more

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Why protect the coastline?
Control coastal processes- Erosion,
transportation and deposition.
Control and manage the impacts of coastal
Loss of property
Loss of land…read more

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Hard engineering- Sea Wall
A man made wall structure built on or
near the shoreline with the purpose of
absorbing storm wave energy to
protect the land or an area of water
behind the wall from erosion.…read more

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Hard engineering- Revetments
A facing of stones, sandbags and
wood to protect a wall,
embankment, or earthworks.…read more

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Hard engineering- Gabions
A cage, cylinder, or box filled with rocks,
concrete, or sometimes sand and soil for
use in civil engineering, road building, and
military applications.…read more

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