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Citizenship Notes
Chapter 1

ADVOCACY ­ The representation or support of a person or an organisation by writing,
speaking or taking action on behalf of that person or organisation.

PRESSURE GROUP ­ A group of people who take action to try to influence the government
about a specific issue.


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Each councillor in the cabinet has a special responsibility for one of the services, e.g.

Chapter 3

Rights ­ Something we are entitled to by the law.

Responsibilities ­ Something that we are expected to do ­ a duty.

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Trading Standard Officers ­ They give advice and investigate complaints.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) ­ A government department that deals with consumer

The Sales of Goods Act 1979 ­ This refers to all goods sold and states that they should be
as described of satisfactory quality and…

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Chapter 5

Proportional Representation ­ A system of electing people that reflects the wishers of
the voter.

Lowering the voting age to 16

If you are 16+ you are allowed to marry with Many 16-18 year olds don not want to vote
parental consent and bring up children.…

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the turnout, so the winner will represent the they will make a random vote. We have the
majority of the people. right not to vote. Compulsory voting does
A true democratic mandate for the not enhance democracy. People forced to
government. Decrease apathy. Civic duty vote are unlikely to vote…

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Stereotypes-A generalised view about a type of person or group of people.

Tolerance ­ Acceptance of people, even though you may not like them or agree with them.

Labelling ­ A theory where terms or labels applied to a person or group may influence their

Brutishness is a national…

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In 2001, the Equality Standard for the local government was introduced to implement
equality within all area of local government.

Chapter 8

Right of children

Right to non-discrimination.
Right to have the child's best interest considered in all action concerning children.
Childs right to life, survival and development.
Child right…

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Common Law ­ Law based on decisions made by judges over the years.

Statue Law ­ Law made by parliament.

Mediation ­ An intervention conducted by some impartial party for the purpose of bringing
about a settlement to a dispute.

Arbitration ­ The hearing and determination of a dispute by…

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Adoption ­ If you are under 18, you can get adopted but you don't need to know who your
birth parents are. You have little say on who adopts you.

Changing your name ­ If you are 16 or 17, you can change your name with parental consent.

Local Authority…

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Criminal responsibility ­ When a young person is held responsible for his/her own
behaviour and can be found guilty in court.

Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) ­ A statutory order. A breach of this can lead to
imprisonment of legal action.

Child Safety Orders ­ Only apply to children under 10.…




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