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Citizenship Exam revision/short course

Identity, democracy, justice 2.1   

What are the cultural traditions that contribute to being British?

UK=multicultural society

Traditions from people who have come to the UK are adopted across the nation e.g.

·         Caribbean settlers brought the tradition of street carnivals.

·         India+ Pakistani immigrants brought hot, spicy food.

But UK traditions hold these own also, like school uniforms, remembrance Sunday, mother’s day and the traditional English pub derived from protestant religion and the UK history.

The UK is renowned for its education, music, theatre, films +television. Passionately supporting sports such as rugby and football. Also horse racing, show jumping, motor racing, boxing and sailing. England= home of the English language

Our culture is seen as rich and traditional also as a new culture traditions become established across the country.

What are the main values that contribute to being British?





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I think that the vioce over sound pretty cool! lol!



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Really good notes, but may I correct you on the fact that England is not renowned for its education as the education in England is currently on par with the likes of Albania

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