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Citizenship GCSE 2011

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GCSE Breakdown
- Rights and Responsibilities
- Power, Politics and the Media
- The Global Community

Controlled Assessment 60%
Exam 40%

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Your exam questions will based on the
themes explored in class and in the CGP
revision guide.
The Exam lasts 1 hour
Some questions will be multiple choice
Exam conditions will apply
pp y ­ no notes can
be taken in

Examples, Examples, Examples!!

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Exam Structure
Section A Source based questions
Organised by Theme
Worth 28 Marks

Section B Essay Question
Choice of 3 questions
Worth 12 marks

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*5 Theme 2: Power, politics and the media

`There are more effective ways of dealing with young offenders than sending
them to prison.'

Do you agree with this view?

Give reasons for your opinion, showing you have considered another point
f view
i . (12)

To answer the question…

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Citizenship Essays
Show understanding of the question being
asked and that you can use subject
knowledge to back it up
Demonstrate an ability to analyse and
evaluate this knowledge
To present arguments , counter arguments
and to then support these with examples
(topical or subject based)
Express own opinion…

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Key Date

Easter Revision Sessions

GCSE Exam ­ Cherwell School
18th May
M 2011 9.00
9 00 ­ 10.30am
10 30


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