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rights and responsibilities

Rights are what you are entitled to (supported by law) All together there are 30 human rights, that were passed in the 1948 universal declaration of human rights.

  • consumer rights: rights for consumers and producers to do with goods and services, contract laws ie. the return policy.
  • animal rights: when asked about animal rights in the exam always give your opinion and why you think that ie, should animals be tested on ?
  • rights at work: ie, right to minimum wage, entitled to a break during work, and no discrimination of age, sex, race etc.

Responsibilities : something that you should do and are expected to do.

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multi culturual britain

Britain nowadays is a multi-cultural country and this means that it is now a mixture of different races and cultures in one community. simples !

When aksed for a named example of racial issues, Stephen Lawrence could be used: he was a young black man who got stabbled by a number of people but the police did not look into the situation as there was racism in the police force.

You could also say about how the government said muslims ladies could not wear their face veils, i know racist right ?

  • immigration: moving to a different counrty.
  • assylum seekers: trying to get into another country.
  • refugees: could be in danger therefore linking to the right to life (human right). ps. hello kitty loves you
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britain and the wider world

The commonwealth is what keeps all the countries happy with each other by holding events like the commonwealth games.

International: the United Nations started as a result of a war, and its there to output rights and responsibilities on a global level (peacekeeping organisation)

Local and National: the Europian Union consists of 27 countries and is very costly to be part of. It deals with imports and exports and jobs including trade marketing.

When asked about the EU in the exam you have to mention the impact of it on our lives, sooo for example its good because when we go on holiday its easy as we can use the euro as the country will be part of the EU saving us hustle..good right ? ps. hello kitty loves you

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criminal law: crime based and breaking the law

civil law: between two parties and two people

=okay guys heres the deal i cba to do anymore but the other sections that are going to be on the exams are:

  • law and order (criminal system, crime, tackling crime)
  • politics (democracy, elections, national and regional government,european parliament)
  • economy (tax, business)
  • global citizenship (global economy, world trade, environmental issues, sustainable development)
  • the media (freedom of speech, media laws)
  • active citizenship (school, community, organising) guys remember hello kitty loves you berrr amounts :)
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