Citizenship: Life in modern Britain

British values
Values associated with modern British society
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A society that consists of people from a range of cultural and religious backgrounds
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A basic idea that underpins a system of beleifs associated with a given society
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Universal Declaration of Human Rights
An international law setting out a list of rights uner the UN
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Human Rights Act
Came into force in 2000 and brought together numerous pieces of human rights legislation
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The rule of law
The principle in a democratic society that law applies to all people equally
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A political system based upon the concept of people having the power to decide.
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Individual liberty
The principle that an individual can act by their own will
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Mutual respect
Hving respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beleifs
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The characteristics that determine who or what a person is
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Group identity
The identity associated with belonging to a group
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National identity
The identity associated with being a citizen of a specific country
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Global identity
The concept that some aspects of nature are now global in nature
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Multiple identity
A person who can assume different identites at different times and in different situations
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The movement of people to a country where they are not natives or possess citizenship in order to settle there
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The act of leaving a country or place with the intent to settle elsewhere
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Net migration
Is the difference between the number of immigrants and the number of emigrants to a certain place
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Nature versus nurture
A debate about whether a persons personality and identity are most affected by their biological background or by the way in which they are brought up
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A legal status granted by the state indicating a persons membership of a the state
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Freedom of the press
A concept which states that for a free open and democtratic society to exist the press should be free from political and judicial interference and be able to print the stories they wish
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Mass medis
Communicating to a large audience at the same point in time
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Traditional media
Well established forms of media like newspapers or the radio
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New media
Contemporary forms of media that have developed with technology and provide on demand access to content
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All forms of media related to the internet like social media (electronic media)
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Social media
These all enable citizens to control their own news agenda without referring to the traditional media (facebook)
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Citizen journalist
Where individuals act as journalsists to gather news and distribute information via social media and news organisations to worldswide audience
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The independant press standards organisation is an industry based body which self-regulates most newspapers in the uk
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The approved government regulator of the press in the uk however very few newspapers have joined this body
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The suppression of materials publications or thoughts
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The office of the regulator for communications which is a government established independent regulator and competition authority for the uk communications industry
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established in 1945 with the aim of ensuring peace and stability around the world
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The UN security coucil
A branch of the UN which has the aim to maintain and international security and peace it has 5 permanent members and 10 non permanent members
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The UN peace keepers
Aimed to keep peace they use methods like sanctions mediation negotiations and sometimes force to enforce peace
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The north atlantic treaty organisation is an intergovernmetal military defence alliance which currently has 28 member states
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The european convention of human rights
Aims to enforce human rights and prevent offences like torture
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A society that consists of people from a range of cultural and religious backgrounds

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights


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