Citizenship Definitions "Look, Cover, Write, Check" test

A way to memorise the definitions of key Citizenship words for the OCR Short Course exam. No cheating!

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Cover this side
Word Definition Word Definition
Agenda 21 Requires governments and local authorities to
develop policies to help achieve sustainable
development. It focuses especially on involving
local people in Local Agenda 21.
censorship The control of what can be said, written or
Citizens Advice An organisation that offers free advice on
Bureau (CAB) consumer and other legal matters
civil law The part of common law that sorts out
disagreements between people when the state is
not directly involved ­ county court, before a
Commonwealth Organisation originating from former British
of Nations colonies which work together towards common
political and social aims
communities Groups of people sharing certain values or
consumer rights The rights of someone who buys something or
pays for a service.
crown courts Courts which deal with serious criminal cases ­
judge in charge, verdict by a jury.
Crown A separate body from the police. Decides whether
Prosecution someone should be taken to court and
Service prosecuted.

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A system where a country or organisation is ruled
by the people in it.
European The EU institution which writes new economic,
Commission environmental, foreign and social policy.
European An international agreement which sets out basic
Convention on human rights which apply to everyone.
Human Rights
European The elected group which controls the EU.…read more

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Parliament The body which makes laws in the UK consisting of
the House of Commons & Lords and the Crown,
the Monarch.
political parties Groups of people which a similar opinion of how
to run the country or local area (constituency).
They try to get MPs & councillors elected.
Press Complaints Manages the voluntary code of conduct which
Commission PCC governs newspapers and magazines.
pressure groups Organisations that try to influence governments
from the outside.…read more


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