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Citizenship Revision ­ Power, Politics and the Media

The Media Keywords
Fact Something that is certainly true.
Opinion What you think of something, a belief or a judgement.
Bias To favour one thing over another unfairly (a one sided point of view).
Media Ways of communication with large numbers of…

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ATC The authority responsible for keeping a close watch in the techniques used for
sale promotion.
Pressure Groups
They are a group of people who try to change public opinion or government policy to their own
views/beliefs, they are also called interest groups, lobby groups and protest groups. An example…

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What do MPs do?

Make speeches and have debates
Represent their constituency
Campaign for things that affect you
Meet their voters and offer help or advice on problems or issues.
Promote their party in an election
Raise money for their party
Know about local, national and International issues
Make decisions…

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Central Also known as national government, based in Westminster, where all major
Government decisions are made.
Local Government Government of a local area.
Anarchy No ruler ship or enforced authority, some countries descried this as chaos.
Absolute The king or queen rules and there are no laws or limits to…

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How Laws are passed
1. Idea for a new law ­ Laws are made in Parliament. Before a law can be made, you must have
an idea for a law called a `bill'
2. Starts in one House ­ A bill can start in either House of Commons or House…




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