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Cicero: In Verrem Translation

[53] You know that there is an ancient and noble town Aspendus in Pamphylia, very
full of the best statues. I will not say that this statue or that statue was stolen from
that place: I say this, that you, Verres, left behind no states at…

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the Roman people, carried in the course of triumph, and took care that a description of
them should be written up fully in public record for public treasury. Learn the
diligence from the public accounts of that most distinguished man. Read aloud the
accounts of P. Servilius. You see not…

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you and your father's. You are not able to deny that you brought in very many
beautiful statues, very many beautiful paintings. If only you could deny! Show one
thing in the accounts of either you or your father's that has been bought: you've won.
You do not even have…

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have splendid enough lodgings [lit. was lodged too little splendidly]; he ordered him
to be escorted to Philodamus.

[65] When this was announced to Philodamus, although he was unaware about how
great an evil was already at that point decided for him and his children, however he
[Verres] went to…

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Rubrius himself was wounded in the crowd. That man, who saw so great an uproar set
in motion by his own lust, wanted to escape in some way, if he was able.

[68] The next day, the men gathered in the morning in a meeting; they sought what
would be…


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