In Verrem Chapter 61


part 1

alio loco hoc cuius modi sit considerabimus; nunc nihil ad me attinet; horum enim temporum in quibus nunc versor habeo tabulas et tuas et patris.

 In another place, we will think about what sort of a reply that is; now, it is of no concern to me; for I have the accounts of these times, about which I am at present occupied, both yours and your father’s.  

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part 2

plurima signa pulcherrima, plurimas tabulas optimas deportasse te negare non potes atque utinam neges unum ostende in tabulis aut tui aut patris tui emptum esse: vicisti.

 You cannot deny that you carried off very many most beautiful statues, many excellent paintings.  And how I wish you would deny it!  Show (us) in either your accounts or those of your  father that one statue was bought: you have won your case.  


personal pronouns drawing attention to Verres


imperitive showing urgency and confidence of Cicero

change in pace

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part 3

ne haec quidem duo signa pulcherrima quae nunc ad impluvium tuum stant, quae multos annos ante valvas Iunonis Samiae steterunt, habes quo modo emeris,

Indeed, there is no way that you bought these two very beautiful statues which now stand in your court , which many years before stood in front of the folding doors of Samian Juno,




decline in pride of statues causes pity

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part 4

haec, iniquam, duo quae in aedibus tuis sola iam sunt, quae sectorem exspectant, relicta ac destituta a ceteris signis.

these two, which I say are now the only two (remaining) in your house, which are waiting for the broker, left and deserted by the other statues.

personification of statues

hendiadic to emphasise plight of the statues

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