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Charles 1st
Communication skills
Charles ad poor communication, his speeches in Parliament were brief and they often took the
focus statements of his views where he allowed no argument
Divine right
Like James he believed he had the divine right of kings, he saw parliaments "privileges" or rights,
to be subject to approval of the monarch not to exist independently of the monarchs wishes.
He saw all criticism, all discussion as being potentially treacherous. He regarded anyone who
questioned his actions as being disloyal.
He favoured the high church Arminianism group within the Church of England they stressed the
divine nature of the monarch. Charles suspected Puritan ministers were filling the minds of their
congregation with "subversive" ideas
Family and friends
Charles was shy and tended to have only a small group of "friends" or courtiers (attached to
Buckingham until his assassination in 1628) after that Henrietta Maria (his wife) had a huge
influence over him.
Monarchs ruled without parliament made all laws and ruled as they wished. Many countries in
Europe were getting rid of their parliaments. MP's were worried about Charles abolitionist ideas
and began to fear for parliaments existence "we are the lost parliament in Europe that retains its
ancient privileges"


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