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The Parliament of 1625 (MayAugust)

Charles called this Parliament because he wanted money to persuade the war against Spain.
Charles did not attempt to woo MP's to get their support and there was little guidance in

Commons voted two subsidies of £140,000 to Charles to demonstrate their loyalty…

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The Parliament of 1626 (February to June)

Summoned to raise funds. In order to remove the people he considered responsible for the
failure of the last parliament he made some MPs into sheriffs so they could be taken out of
Parliament and couldn't run as an MP. However this didn't…

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The Forced Loan of 16261627 (outside Parliament)

The crown was over one million is debt and Charles asked for a benevolence loan before the
force loan. Charles enforced a parliamentary taxation, not sanctioned by parliament and
there was considerable ill feeling.
The method of collection discouraged most from refusing

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The Parliament of 162829 (March 1628 to March 1629)

Summoned because Charles needed money
There was a "Crisis of Parliaments" because both sides felt justifiable grievances. Charles
made his position clear when he informed parliament that if it refused or failed to provide
funds to meet the common danger then…

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Issues that dominated Parliament

Arminianism and Tonnage + Poundage
In 1628 Charles made Laud the Bishop of London. The commons resolved unanimously that
they needed to discuss religion, however, Charles was not prepared to weaken his support
for Arminians and the session was therefore doomed (DOOMED). Because Charles had only…


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