Charles I break down with parliament between 1625-29

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  • Charles I break down with parliament between 1625-29
    • Finance and Foreign Policy
      • Main reason for calling parliament was the expectation of the funds to fight war against Spain and France
        • Parliament failed to grant the funds needed
      • Inflexibility of Charles
        • Uncertain  what type of war they were getting into, Parliament only granted two subsidies in 1625
          • Tonnage and Poundage for one year only not for life (which it always had been)
    • Religion
      • Charles appointed Montagu as his royal Chaplin
        • He was Armenian and he had attacked the Calvinist belief of predestination
        • This promoted parliamentary debate.
          • It was claimed that it was an "invasion of prerogative
            • Charles Dissolves Parliament
    • Favorites
      • Buckingham
        • He was made the scapegoat for the Cadiz Failure
        • To defend Buckingham Charles brought in support in the house of lords and added new sheriffs that he knew would suppot him
      • When Charles removed parliamentary figures and arrested some it was called an attack on parliamentary privilege
        • when Parliament starting impeaching proceeding
          • Charles dissolved parliament


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