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  • Dystopian Conventions
    • Loss of freedom
    • Fear as a method of control/threat of punishment e.g The Wall
    • Power inbalances
    • Small acts of rebellion
      • Main character having very little power
    • Abuse of power e.g The Commander/   Jezebel's
    • Use of surviellence such as "The Eyes."
    • Patriarchy/ Hierarchy of power consists of men/ men promoting men and oppressing women.
    • Control of language e.g Biblical quotes/references being used to suggest fear
    • Small source of hope such as Mayday and Moira
    • Memories of the Past
    • Semantic Shift: Words that once meant one thing now mean another
    • Government lying to control population
    • Stories about survival: "Literature of Witness."
    • Society is strictly divided by intellect/ability/class/gender
    • Protagonist or other central characters adopt some of the views of the dystopian society, possibly even unconciously.


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