Important Quotes and Analysis

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Important Quotes and Analysis
Chapter Event Quote Analysis
3 Catherine appears as ghost Let me in! Use of simple sentence- shows
to Lockwood she is a child.
Exclamative- shows her
desperation to come home
Let- modal verb trying to
4 Heathcliff arrives at "He seemed a sullen, Use of adverb perhaps- shows
Wuthering Heights patient child, perhaps they are speculating on his past
hardened to ill treatment" and have no clue.
Tricolon- shows Heathcliff's sad
Seemed- verb- suggests he has
hidden depths that we don't
know about
6 Cathy and Heathcliff go to "We should have thought Heaven- contrasts with WH's
Thrushcross Grange ourselves in heaven!" depiction
Should- verb- shows his
reluctance to leave WH
We- plural- shows their
7 Cathy returns to Wuthering "Her manners much Pre modification of intensifier-
Heights much changed improved" much- shows how Cathy has
9 Cathy tells Nelly about her "It would degrade me to Use of past tense "now"
decision to marry Edgar, marry Heathcliff now" suggests it is because of how
and Heathcliff leaves. Hindely has bought him down.

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Personal pronouns- shows how
Cathy only cares for herslef and
disregard Heathcliff's feelings
Alliteration of m- emphasises
Cathy's desire to marry for
Degradation- connotations of
"I wonder where he is- I low class- fits in with the
wonder where he can be!" perceptions of Heathcliff
Exclamative- shows her worry for
Hyphen- broken grammar shows
her concern for Heathcliff
Alliteration of w- quickens the
pace, showing that Cathy is
fretting over his absence.…read more

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Might- noun- shows Isabella
knows she has a small chance to
15 Cathy is dying, and "I love my murderer, but My murderer- refers to Cathy and
Heathcliff comes to see her.…read more

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Nelly/Edgar/Young Cathy?)
my- poessissive shows he
believes Cathy is his
my soul- metaphor for his and
Cathy's deep connection
17 Hindely dies, leaving "and we'll see if one tree Ideas of nuture vs nature-
Hareton in Heathcliff's care.…read more

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Fear- connotations of negativity
and suggests his sinister
behaviour towards Linton
23 Young Cathy and Linton "Linton denied that people Parallelism of ideas- negativity
argue about the nature of hate their wives, but Cathy and positivity
Compares to the Clod and the
marriage affirmed that they did"
Talks of marriage- foreshadows
their marriage later
28 Edgar dies and Young Cathy "She's upstairs- she's not to Negative- won't/not- shows the
is forced to marry Linton go.…read more

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Linton dies, leaving Cathy "Catherine, destitute of Destitute- connotations of
destitute and Heathcliff cash and friends, cannot hopelessness- she is this literally
with everything.…read more

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Shows themes of death- gives it
a sad tone
Hyphen- suggests Nelly's
disbelief at his death…read more


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