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Important Quotes and Analysis
Chapter Event Quote Analysis
3 Catherine appears as ghost Let me in! Use of simple sentence- shows
to Lockwood she is a child.
Exclamative- shows her
desperation to come home
Let- modal verb trying to
4 Heathcliff arrives at "He seemed a sullen, Use of…

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Personal pronouns- shows how
Cathy only cares for herslef and
disregard Heathcliff's feelings
Alliteration of m- emphasises
Cathy's desire to marry for
Degradation- connotations of
"I wonder where he is- I low class- fits in with the
wonder where he can be!" perceptions of Heathcliff
Exclamative- shows her worry…

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Might- noun- shows Isabella
knows she has a small chance to
15 Cathy is dying, and "I love my murderer, but My murderer- refers to Cathy and
Heathcliff comes to see her. yours- how can I?" foreshadows his death years later
and shows Heathcliff is
acknowledging their self

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suffer from this (what about
Nelly/Edgar/Young Cathy?)
my- poessissive shows he
believes Cathy is his
my soul- metaphor for his and
Cathy's deep connection
17 Hindely dies, leaving "and we'll see if one tree Ideas of nuture vs nature-
Hareton in Heathcliff's care. won't grow as crooked Hindely was nutured…

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Fear- connotations of negativity
and suggests his sinister
behaviour towards Linton
23 Young Cathy and Linton "Linton denied that people Parallelism of ideas- negativity
argue about the nature of hate their wives, but Cathy and positivity
Compares to the Clod and the
marriage affirmed that they did"
Talks of…

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30 Linton dies, leaving Cathy "Catherine, destitute of Destitute- connotations of
destitute and Heathcliff cash and friends, cannot hopelessness- she is this literally
with everything. disturb his possession" and physically
Possessive his- shows that
Heathcliff now has everything,
and has achieved his revenge
Doubling- cash and friends- show
that she…

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Shows themes of death- gives it
a sad tone
Hyphen- suggests Nelly's
disbelief at his death


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