Character Essay Plan: Dill

In class we had to make a plan for a different character or theme and I did Dill, it's just my on opinions and ideas but you can use it to base an essay off / prompt yourself for ideas. Contains key themes and chapters in which Dill features in.

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Dill Essay Plan
Dill has an active imagination which shows his childhood optimism, as well as being a character separately, Dill can also be used to symbolise innocence.
When he is not allowed to visit in Chapter 12, it could demonstrate how Jem and Scout are growing up…

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Moreover Dill himself grows up in this chapter. The fact that even Dill, the most childlike of them all, is becoming cynical shows how the trial affected
him. But he still has hope, saying he wants to be a "new kind of clown" ­ he wants things to change.


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Key Chapters:
Chapter Event Quote Theme
1 Dill is introduced. "I asked Dill where his Father was: `You ain't said anything about him.' "I haven't Family
got one."
4 Dill comes back next (about his Dad working on L&N Railroad) "In a pig's ear you did, Dill. Hush" Imagination


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