Essay Plan-Theme of Motherhood


Essay Plan-Theme of Motherhood

Intro-A brief overview of this theme, key characters-Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Lyons, Linda; major theme, how brought up-social class, absent fathers.

1) Mrs Johnstone-'stone in place of heart'-Marilyn Monroe, debt, no job, absent father, 7 kids by the age of 25 etc.

2) Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons, Mrs Johnstone=Predicament, Mrs Lyons=Desperation, use of persuasion, manipulation, song-my child

3) Mickey and Edward-Age 7, policemen, Mickey swears, Edward doesn't, opposites.

4) Mickey and Edward-Age 14, different upbringing, locket, cinema.

5) The final scene-Mrs Johnstone tells them that they're both hers.

Conclusion-Answer the question, social class (childhood pregnancy), absent fathers, good mother.

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