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Dill (Charles Baker Harris)

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Who is Dill?
Dill comes from Mississippi every summer to stay with
his aunt (Rachel Haverford ­ Miss Rachel) ­ who lives
next to Jem and Scout. He plays with Jem and Scout
and becomes a large part in their growing up.…read more

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Dill in Part 1
In the first half of the book, we see his fascination with
Boo Radley. He then persuades Jem and Scout to try
and get a look at Boo.…read more

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Dill in Part 2
In part 2, Dill is presented as a contrast to Jem and
Scout ­ we do not see his character mature like we do
the others.…read more

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What is Dill used for?
As Dill is only a Maycomb inhabitant during the
summer, he can be used to provide information to
the reader at key moments when Jem or Scout fill
him in
He may have also have been based on Harper Lee's
childhood friend, Truman Capote…read more

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What is Dill like?
Dill's family background is very different from that of
Scout and Jem. His father seems to have little contact
with him and his family show little concern for his well-
At the trial Lee contrasts Dill's sensitive nature with the
logical and rational Jem
Whereas Jem wants to confront prejudice, Dill accepts
things the way they are and make the best of them
Dill has a curious and quick-thinking nature
He dwells in his `own twilight world' (Chapter 14) and
gives the impression that his wild imagination is
stimulated by unhappiness in his life…read more


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