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  • Dill
    • imaginative and childlike
      • "Dill as a pocket Merlin, whose head teemed with eccentric plans"
        • creative
        • magical
      • "The Radley Place fascinated Dill."
        • curious
        • excitable
    • Understands racism
      • "it was the way he said it that made me sick" - Dill
        • loving nature
        • notices more subtle prejudice
        • sees through adults prejudice
      • "he's just a *****"-Scout "I don't care one speck. I ain't right"-Dill
        • Hasn't been influenced by societies prejudice in the same way as Scout
        • doesn't classify people be race
    • sympatheic
      • "'Maybe he [boo] doesn't have anywhere to run off to...'"-D
        • relates to Boo
        • first sign of understanding and sympathy


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