Case Study: Los Angeles

Hey, here is a case study about the problems of settlement in Los Angeles. I hope this helps you to revise! Please rate and comment on how to improve :D

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Los Angeles
Physical Problems
Shortage of Space ­ in 1996, the Greater Los Angeles-Long Beach metropolitan
area was a distance of 130km. it had a population of 15 million! This meant that
houses had to be built on unsuitable land.
Earthquakes ­ the city lies on the San Fernando Santa Monica faults, adjacent to
the San Andreas fault, leaving it prone to earthquakes. In 1994, an earthquake
measuring 6.7 killed more than 60 people, injured thousands and caused loads of
damage to the city itself.
Water Supply ­ water must be brought from long distances from the Colorado
River and northern California. Not ideal.
Floods and Landslides ­ rain is scarce but heavy. Runoff from urbanised hills causes
floods, landslides and mudflows.
Bush Fires ­ after long, hot and dry summers, bush fires are common.
Fog and Smog ­ coastal fog is common, trapping pollutants from traffic, power
stations and industries producing smog.
Economic and Social Problems
Traffic ­ freeways can no longer cope with all the cars, making journeys slow and
In-migration ­ 85% of the immigrants come from Mexico and Asian Pacific Rim
countries. They are forced to live in poorer areas and to have the low-paid jobs,
getting a much lower quality of life.
High Land Values ­ property is more expensive to buy or rent as there is high
competition for land
Crime ­ the high number of crimes is one of the main reasons for out-migration.
Drugs, theft, gangs and violence are just a few of the common crimes.
Racial Tension ­ discrimination being a serious issue, in 1992 race riots led to 25
deaths, 572 injuries and more than a thousand fires.
By Irene Perez


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