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Case Studies- Kashmir Earthquake

Kashmir Earthquake


Sunday 8th October 2005

7.6 Magnitude

Indo- Australia and Eurasian Plate

17,000 People Killed

49,000 People Injured

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Case Studies- Kobe Earthquake

Kobe Earthquake


Tuesday 17th January 1995

7.2 Magnitude

6,434 people Killed

200,000 Buildings Destroyed

230,000 People Injured

717 Aftershocks

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Case Studies- Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew

Southern Florida

August 16th 1992 - August 28th 1992

Place Of Creation: Africa

Driven Across ocean by strong winds

Hit Dade county at 175mph

23 People Lost their lives

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Case Studies- Asian Tsunami

Asian Tsunami

December 26th 2004

Earthquake Beneath Sea

Waves Radiate out from Earthquake site at 500mph

20m High wave of water

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Case Studies- Hurricane Mitch

Hurricane Mitch

Florida USA

Central America

22th October 1998 - 5th Ocotber 1995

26th Ocotber 1998 - Instensifies to become Tropical storm

4th November 1998 - Hits mexicos yuctuan peninsula

19,325 People Killed

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Case Studies- Wildfires

Southern California

Ocotber 20th - November 9th

Los Angeles County

Cause: -


Damaged Powerlines

Overturned Semi truck

Arsonist - Fire started accidentally

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Wildfire- Preparation before

Preparation before : - 

Use Fire reatrdent Wood Treatment

Store combustible materials in fire proof containers

Evacuation Plans

Remove shurbs/bushes from around property to avoid spread of fire

Remove dead vegetation from roof

Remove overhanging trees to minimise spread of fire

Cut back over hanging awnings

Remove anything that can be used as a ladder fuels

Use of extinquishers "How to Use"

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Wildfire preparation- After

Preparation After : -

Contact Emergency services if danger is precieved

Check Interior and Exterior

make sure home is safe

Caution! when entering property

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Case Studies- Wildfires

Austrailia sydney

January 1994


Dozens of Houses destroyed

Millions of dollars in damage

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Wildfire preparation- Defensive Space

preparation- Defensive Space

Trees spaced to remove change of fire spread

Space plants to reduce spread of fire

Remove tree limbs to prevent fire ladder

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Fire Triangle

Fire Triangle

Oxygen : -

Heat :-


-Camp Fires


Fuel : -

- Sparks from trains




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Causes of wildfires

Causes of wildfires : -

23% Lightning

10% Farming

37% Arson

13% Campfires

1% trains

16% Other

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Causes of wildfires

Causes of wildfires : -

Fuel : - spark e.g. campfires

Weather : - Environment

Terrain : - e.g. slope of ground, Natural break

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Types Of Fires

(Crown Fires) : - Burn at top of trees

(Surface Fires) :- Burn foliage on ground

(Spoiling Fires) : - Combination of burning in many places

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Tectonic Activity- Impacts


Volcanoes : -

Phyroclastic flows

volcanic Gasses





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Strategies- Building Design

Buildings : -

japanese building design



Retrofit Older buildings : - Strengthen structure e.g. steel brace structure

No fixed joints

Movement but not collapseable

Computer controlled weights

Shock Absorbers

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