GCSE Geography

GCSE Geography Case studies.

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Case Studies- Kashmir Earthquake

Kashmir Earthquake


Sunday 8th October 2005

7.6 Magnitude

17,000 People Killed

49,000 People Injured

Indo Australian and Eurasian plate

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Case Studies- Kobe Earthquake

Kobe Earthquake

Tuesday 17th January 1995

7.2 Magnitude

6,434 People Killed

200,000 Buildings Destroyed

230,000 People Made Homeless

716 After Shocks

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Case Studies- Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew

August 16th 1992 - August 18th 1992

Category 5 Hurricane

Place of Creation: Africa

Driven Across ocean by strong winds

Hit dade county at 175mph

23 People Died

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Case Studies- Asian Tsunami

Asian Tsunami

Sunday 26th December 26th

Undersea Trauma (Subduction)

Waves radiate 500mph from earthquake site

30m High Wave

230,000 + Dead

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Case Studies- Hurricane Mitch

Hurricane Mitch

Florida USA

Central America

Formed: - October 22 1998

Dissapated: - November 5 1998

19,325 People Died

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Case Studies- Wildfires | Southern California

Southern California


Los Angeles County

20th October - November 9th



Damaged Powerlines

Overturned Truck

Arson - Accidental fire

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Wildfire- Preparation before

preperation: - Before

treat All wood with fire retardent

Keep roofs and gutters clear of combustable material

Close/Box in overhangs

Remove Valuable Items

Cut tree limbs away from the house- to reduce spread of fire

Learn how to operate a fire extinguisher

Emergency water in arms reach

Defensive Space between property

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Wildfire preparation- During

Preperation: - During

Close doors but DONT lock!

Remove Combusatble Material

Turn of Air Conditioning

Evacuation Plan In Action

Have Access to foof

Use emergency Water

Do not Enter cars/Vans if fire is near

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Wildfire preparation- After

Preperation: - After

Check exterior and Roof

Contact Emergency services if danger is percieved

Make sure home is safe

Caution when re-entering a burned area

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Plate Tectonics - Plate Types

Constructive: - when plates move apart

Destructive: - When plates move towards each other (subduction zone)

Conservtive: - when plates move past eachother (San andreas Fault)

Collision: - Plates move into each other

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Plate Tectonics - Plate Types (Continued)

Plate Margines

Continental (Covers Land Surface)


-Can't Sink

Permanent (Neither renewed or destroyed)

Oceanic (Covers floor of worlds ocean)


-Denser, Can Sink

(Continuolusly being renewed or destroyed)

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