OCR SPEC A geography [Mexico to USA migration]

revision notes for the population case study of mexico to usa migration


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Mexicans (LEDC) to the USA (MEDC)
Birth Rate of Mexico is almost
double that of USA.
More than a of Mexicans are
under 15 years old.
Population likely to double in 30
years time.
Problems providing everyone in
Mexico with food.
Farmers are already having
difficulty growing crops on land
that they consider to be too poor
for agriculture.
There is not enough land to farm
PUSH FACTORS (Issues that make people want to leave Mexico).
Poor Farming ­ El Nino is a weather effect that has brought flooding and droughts to
Mexico making it hard to earn a living from farming ­ encourages people to leave.
Living Conditions ­ Living conditions are poor, 80% of people have no clean water supply.
Housing ­ Poor housing with much overcrowding.
Education ­ About 50% of children in rural areas have left school by the age of 11. Most
are unable to read and write. Only 54% of children reach secondary school.
Employment ­ Only 55% of people are in full time employment in Mexico ­ There are not
enough jobs.
Earnings ­ People on average earn about $3,750 per year.
Health Care ­ Poor healthcare in Mexico ­ There are 621 patients to each doctor.
Pull Factors to the USA (What attracts people to the USA)
Better Housing
Better Education
Better Medical Care
Better way of life ­ Glamour / Hollywood (Chance of Fame!) / Great Scenary / Shopping
/ Food / Washing Machines and other electrical devices that make life better.
Better Infrastructure ­ Power, Transport, Water supply, communications.
Different Weather
Types of Migrant Jobs in the USA
Large numbers of Migrants find Seasonal Work ­ California's Central Valley ­ Large
Agricultural Area ­ Low Paid job.
Others gain employment in Los Angeles ­ Construction Industry, Hotels or Restaurants.
Most jobs obtained are the lesser jobs that Americans do not want to do ­ Dangerous,
Monotonous, Harder, Dirtier, Less-Skilled, Less-Well Paid jobs.
The Border
4m high metal fence with searchlights in some parts
5,500 Border Patrol Agents employed
Border is 3,326Km long
Tracker Dogs

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Impacts on USA
Many Mexican Migrants in Los Angeles live in the Ghettos
1-2 Million Mexicans try each year to enter USA ­ Many Illegally ­ USA built elaborate
border controls ­ Fences, Security Patrols ­ Helicopters & Horse Patrols to.
Many see the Mexican Migrants as a drain on the USA's Social Security and Welfare
system ­ affecting the country's economy.…read more


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