MEDC Earthquake Case Study: Los Angeles

For Edexcel Geography A

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MEDC Earthquake Case Study: Los Angeles, 1994
The San Andreas Fault
Earthquake occurred on a thrust fault along northern fringes of the valley
Very strong ground motion was indication of significant risk presented by thrust-fault events of moderate magnitude
The plates grind against each other at different speeds (conservative plate boundary)
Immediate Effects
Death toll: 57
1,500 seriously injured
9000 homes/businesses without electricity
20,000 without gas
11 major roads closed
Long-term Effects
Roads blocked ­ no transport in/out
Damage to buildings and water supplies/electricity/gas
$20 billion losses
Short term
U.S.G.S (United States Geological Society) started analysing data and broadcasting information to the public
Medium term
Schools reopened after a week or 2
Leaflets handed out
Long term
NEHRP agencies assisted local, state and federal jurisdictions to carry out recovery, reconstruction and mitigation processes


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