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Greenwich Millennium Village…read more

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It is located by
the o2 arena in
London, by the
River Thames.
Thames…read more

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Key Facts
· 20 hectares is for parkland and other open spaces, with
two ecology parks.
· 10,000 new homes in neighbourhood districts.
· 24,000 new jobs.
· 150 shops and restaurants.
· New community and leisure facilities
· Access to the Jubilee underground line
· Pedestrians cycle routes
· An eco friendly supermarket
· An integrated primary school
· 2.2 km of river walks
Source: BOOK…read more

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Why is it claimed to be
It is being built on land that was part of London's
old Dockland's, on the south bank of the
Its target is for homes to use 80% less energy and
30% less water, this is been done by generating
power locally and combining this with heating
The buildings use materials such as Cedar wood
from sustainable forests. In some buildings
aluminium is used because it lasts a long time
and so it can be recycled.
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Why is there a mix of land use
Shops are easily accessible so that energy
is not used in travel.
There is easy access to the underground
and it is estimated that the new eco store
there uses 50% less energy than an
ordinary shop.
There is also an eco park with a lake and
strips of open space, that connect different
parts of the development.
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Is it truly sustainable?
We think that Greenwich can be truly
sustainable because the steps they have
taken towards this so they are carbon
neutral are promising.
To become more environmentally friendly it
need to make more ways of making its
own energy like from the river.…read more


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