Greenwich Millennium Village Case Study

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  • Greenwich Millennium Village CASE STUDY
    • Technology
      • Houses are really high tech.
      • Houses all have computers
        • These link to village website, school and health centre.
      • Fire alarms linked to local fire stations
      • Burglar alarms linked to the security centre.
    • Wildlife
      • Reed beds and salt marshes are by river to attract ducks
      • Large stretches of park with lakes and ponds
      • Over 12000 trees are being planted
    • Houses
      • Built using methods that save energy and materials
      • Well insulated to keep heat in.
      • Sheltered from cold winds.
      • Have south facing windows to trap the suns heat.
      • Energy saving fridges, washing machines and dishwashers.
    • Saving water
      • The rain falls on o2 roof and used for toilets.
      • Rain off of supermarket roof used to water plants
      • Waste water is filtered and used to flush toilets and water plants
    • Cutting Traffic
      • People encouraged not to drive
      • Paths so residents can walk everywhere
      • Shopping delievered by online shopping
      • Tube stations near by.
      • good bus service
    • Recylings
      • Building materials can be recyled
      • Used bottles are collected and recycled
    • Energy
      • Supermarket makes its own energy from solar and wind energy.
      • Banks of earth either side of supermarket to keep warm or cold in the seasons
      • Glass roof to let heat in in the supermarket
    • Community
      • Footpaths and open spaces
      • Health centre next to school
      • Community education centre runs classes for all ages.


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