GEOG4- Tectonic activity and hazards [2014] pre-release series: #2: case Studies for unit 4.

Hey there.

Okay this is the second in the "series" in preparation for the exam on the 16th June 2014. It's scary, I know but if you use the resources on Get Revising and prepare, you will be fine!

You may have seen my resources from my unit 3, if you haven't, where have you been? Check my name and look at the resources for the pre-release I hope they help.

Anyway, I liked the concept of a series for the pre-release and I thought I'd do the same for the unit 4: tectonic activity and hazards.

So here's #2.

Projected documents in the series:

#1- Deciphering the question.

#2- Case studies for unit 4.

#3- Pre-release revision notes.

#4- PowerPoint on the pre-release.

Good luck for your exam! 


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I think I love you



If you don't get an A* in Geography after all this hard work then I actually don't know who will!!!! :D THANK YOU!!!!!

katie laker


Thank you soo much for all your hard work! All your resources are helpful! Good luck! :)