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Carlisle Floods
Jan 2005
AS Level Geography Revision
Topic: Rivers
By: Ollie Taplin…read more

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Section 1
Carlisle location…read more

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Carlisle's location
Carlisle is situated on the flood plain of the
River Eden with three rivers meeting in the
The catchment is made up of the Rivers
Eden, Eamont, Irthing, Petteril and the
Caldew, as well as smaller rivers and
streams draining into the Eden estuary.
The catchment covers approximately
2400km2 and is home to approximately
244,000 people.
The catchment is mainly rural, with only 1%
classified as urban: the main urban areas
are Carlisle, Penrith and Appleby.
Carlisle has a history of flooding with flood
events recorded as far back as the 1700s.
In recent years there have been significant
floods in 1963, 1968, 1979, 1980, 1984, and
recently in 2005.…read more

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Carlisle's location
This map shows the area around
Carlisle and the three rivers that
meet in the city. The largest being
the river Eden…read more

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Carlisle's location
This map shows the catchment
area of the river Eden. Carlisle is
represented by the circle.
As you can see it sits in the middle
of the wettest area of Cumbria.…read more

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Section 2
Causes…read more

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