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IN THE USA…read more

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What it is?
Capital punishment in the United States
Is limited under the Eighth Amendment to the United
States Constitution to cases of:
crimes against the state, and
crimes against humanity committed by mentally-
competent adults.
In practice, it is only ever used in cases where
aggravating circumstances exist, including aggravated
murder, felony murder, and contract killing.
Use in Federal and Military circumstances…read more

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Capital punishment was a penalty at
common law, for many felonies, and was
enforced in all the American colonies prior to
the Declaration of Independence.…read more

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Capital punishment was suspended from 1972
to 1976 - when it was resurrected by the
Supreme Court.…read more

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Federal Death Penalty Act of 1994
Made roughly 50 crimes punishable by death
including crimes that do not always involve the death of
Such non-death capital offenses include
espionage (spying for another country),
high-level drug trafficking,
sabotaging the national economy.
Since no one, as of yet, has been sentenced to death for
such non-death capital offenses, the Supreme Court has
not ruled on their constitutionality…read more

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Old Sir

This is an interesting and well-researched resource. Ignore the one or two typos and the assertion that 'the Supreme Court resurrected the death penalty', and students will find references to some very useful material that they might wish to read in greater detail. This might be especially useful to anyone preparing to deal with 'synoptic' issues such as liberty and the nature of law.

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