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what is the theory of thomas aquinas
just war, 1. war should be declared by those with authority to do so 2. just cause 3. belligerents should have right intentions
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theory of von clausewitz
war is a political act, 'trinitarian' theory of warfare which involves, 1. the masses 2. the army 3. the political leaders
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theory of milton friedman
critique of the tax and spend keynesian government, credited with the emergence of neo-liberal economics
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francis fukuyama theory
end of history, spread of liberal democracy reduces chance of conflict
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ghandi theory
pacifism, campaigned for Indian independence,
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susan george theory
fierce critique of imf and capitalism due to their impact on the poor
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theory of grotius
just war, 1. self defence, 2. enforce rights 3. seek reperations 4. punishment
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theory of huntingdon
conflict will emerge due to differences between civs/principles
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theory of maynard keynes
challenged laissez faire policies, deveopled the policy of demand management, which was taken up by many govts post ww2, established bretton woods, imf and the world bank
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machiavelian theory
classical realism, power politics, states act for self interest
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marxist theory
socialism, critique of capitalism due to it leading to inequality and instability.
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merscheimer theory
leading figure in offensive realism, cold war created stability, end of cold war led to instability due to end of bipolarity, great powers always seek hegemony, critique of us foreign policy, claiming it strengthened opponents
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morgenthau theory
power politics, self interest acting and desire to dominate, need to promote national interest, advocates a realist diplomacy
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nye theory
soft power, smart power (blend of hard and soft)
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joseph stiglitz theory
critical views on global economic governance and globalisation, linking globalisation to americanisation, environmental degradation. IMF imposes harmful policies that benefit themselves
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kenneth waltz theory
international anarchy undermines the actions of states, lack of trust between states leads to military build up, disregards whether a govt was comm dem etc, main goal is survival
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theory of von clausewitz


war is a political act, 'trinitarian' theory of warfare which involves, 1. the masses 2. the army 3. the political leaders

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theory of milton friedman


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francis fukuyama theory


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ghandi theory


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