Anarchism: Anti-Statism

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The State is Sovereign

The state exercises supreme authority over all individuals within its particular range, with no exceptions.

The power of the state is absolute and unlimited, for example it can restrict public morality, limit political activity, regulate economic life and interfere with private behaivour.

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The State is Compulsory

Anarchists reject the liberal 'social contract theory' developed by Hobbes and Locke, as authority is involuntary and therefore unjustifiable.

Humans become subject to state authority by being born into a system or through conquest.

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The State is Coercive

The laws of the state must be obeyed as they are backed up with the threat of punishment.

Example: Emma Goldman (Russian/USA Anarchist), government symbolises 'the club, the gun, the handcuff or the prison'

The state can deprive any individual of their property, their liberty and their lives (for example capital punishment).

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The State is Exploitative

The state robs individuals of their property through the taxation system, which is once again backed up by the threat of punishment.

The state acts in the interests of the wealthy and therefore serves to oppress the poor and vulnerable.

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The State is Destructive

The state forces people to fight, kill and potnetially die themselves in the name of territorial expantion, plunder or national glory.

Example: Randolph Bourne (US Anarchist) 'war is the health of the state'

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