Bill of rights and Public Policy


The Supreme Court and Bill of Rights 

  • First amendment clearly uphled by the Supreme Court, Burwell v Hobby Lobby stores, obamacare had to take a hit as it violated freedom of religion 
  • However it sometimes fails, Muslim Treavel ban being allowed despite clear violation of religous freedoms 
  • The Supreme court also clearly upholds the second amendment, District of Columbia v Heller in 2008 court ruled that banning ownership of handguns was unconstitutional 
  • However didnt do anything when Obama introduced increased background checks for gun control in 2013, can be somewhat limited 
  • Court also hold up the eigth amendment when it comes to Capital Punishment, 2008 ruling in Baze vs Rees that lethal injection was not a cruel and unusual punishment 
  • However it has limited capital punishmennt as well, Roper VS


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