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Year 10 Summer Exams
Guide to revision!
Focus - CAD/CAM…read more

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What we will be looking at today is...
· Computer aided design and computer
aided manufacture (CAD/CAM)
· Pre-manufactured components
· Labelling and advertising in textiles
· Practical demonstration with our own
CAD/CAM sewing machine!!!…read more

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What do we already know about
the following?
· Batch Production
· Mass Production
· Job (one off production)
· Bespoke…read more

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What is CAD/CAM?
· Computer aided design and manufacture
is a big factor in textiles manufacture
· Look at the following clips and make
notes on the process involved ­
* Think about the importance of quality
control, the way items are produced
(batch/mass production/one off etc)…read more

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List as many examples as you can think
of that could be classified as pre-
manufactured components
* Hint ­ think about what we did for our
product analysis, what do you insert or put
onto clothing?…read more

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Pre manufactured
components that
could be used for
all clothing
purposes…read more

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