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C1.2 Rocks and building materials
2.1 Limestone and its uses
Limestone is a metal carbonate and can be expressed by its chemical name of calcium
carbonate (CaCO 3)
It has been used for centuries in building materials such as bricks and even as cement to
hold these bricks together ­…

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2.2 Reactions in carbonates
To test for carbon dioxide, the most common test is with limewater
When carbonates are reacted with acids, they produce a salt, carbon dioxide and water
Limewater is alkaline (CaOH) so when reacted with slightly acidic carbon dioxide, an
insoluble precipitate is formed in the neutralisation…

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2.5 Limestone issues
Limestone has to be quarried
This has disadvantages and advantages
The quarry scars the landscape and causes noise pollution for the residents nearby as the
limestone has to be blasted (this involves the use of explosives to retrieve limestone)
However, this process allows us to retrieve a…


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