Unit 1 - C1

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Total hours: 15  11.1/12.1  

Unit Title: How do rocks provide building materials? 

To Teaching approach including possible experiments/investigation opportunities 

Usefulness of limestone and other building materials. 

• Survey locally used building materials and famous buildings built from limestone. 

• Test properties of limestone, cement, concrete and glass: strength, resistance to acid, resistance to thermal changes. 

• Survey advantages and disadvantages of the respective materials, including cost/benefit. Simple tests involving hammer, heat and quench and dilute acids.

Elements and the periodic table. 

• Compare properties of a selection of elements, 

including appearance, electrical conductivity, 

magnetic properties. 

• Survey properties using periodic table, software or internet. Plot graphs of melting point against atomic number, density or atomic volume against atomic number. 

-Wide selection of metal and non-metal elements, solid, 

liquid and gas. 

-Software for surveying the periodic table

Atomic structure,elements and their reaction to form compounds. 

• Brief explanation of size and structure of atoms and Geiger Marsden experiment, using snooker analogy. 



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