Britsh Depth Study, OCR Paper 2

Powerpoint covering points for how british society changed on the OCR sources paper

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How did British Society change 1890-1918?
OCR PAPER 2…read more

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Poverty was often blamed on the
individual for being lazy or irresponsible
There was an attitude called `Laissez-
Faire' that meant the government
shouldn't get involved in people's lives,
people should help themselves.
Poor people relied on charities or harsh
workhouses…read more

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Living conditions
Rowntree and Booth both did research into
York and London and found that 28-31%
lived below the poverty line. This meant
they faced problems of:
Poor housing
Low wages
Irregular or no work
Little help for the sick, unemployed or
elderly…read more

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Why were reforms introduced?
People started to recognise many factors can
cause poverty and that the Government should
help. This was partly due to social reformers
Rowntree and Booth.
The Boer War found that half of British
volunteers were unfit for service.
The newly formed labour party was gaining
popularity and the liberals needed to appeal to
the workers
After being elected in 1906, liberal individuals
such as Lloyd George and Churchill believed
reforms would improve people's lives and the
country.…read more

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The liberal reforms 1906-1912
Children had Free School Meals (1906) but
these were optional for local councils
School Medical Inspections (1907) but this
didn't include treatment until School Clinics
There was a Children and Young Persons
Act (1908) which improved children's living
conditions and lifestyles. They were
protected from abuse and neglect as well
as alcohol and tobacco. Juvenile courts
and Borstals were introduced.…read more

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The liberal reforms 1906-1912
Old Age Pensions Act (1908) helped
many over 70s stay out of work houses
however they had to be `means tested'.
The few that qualified only got 5s a
week and 7s 6d for a couple.…read more

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