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British Depth Study-
Liberal Welfare
OCR History GCSE ­ How was British society changed,
1890-1918?…read more

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The Salvation Army
Set up by Catherine and William Booth
Gave the poor food and shelter
Helped the poor to find jobs
Had training centres
People had to wear uniforms in order to look smart
Arranged the poor into three types of poverty:
eThose who live by vice (prostitution,
t Those who live by
r…read more

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Charles Booth
Did not accept government statistics that said
25% of working population lived in poverty
Investigated over 17 years, and then wrote a
series of books called Life and Labour of the
people in London
Found that 31% of Londoners were living below
the `poverty line' could not afford clothes,
food or shelter
Organised the poor into four classes: A, B, C, D…read more

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Charles Booth's Classes
Class A Class B Class C Class D
· Lowest class · Casual earnings · Occasional · Low wages; less
· Street sellers, · Widows, deserted earnings than 21 shillings a
criminals, loafers women, part-time · Hit by trade week
· Live like savages labourers, depression · Wages barely
with extreme shiftless and · 8% of London's enough to stay
hardship helpless population alive
· 1.25% of · 1.25% of · Dock labourers
London's London's and gas workers
population population etc.
· 14.5% of
population…read more

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Seebohm Rowntree
Wanted to see if Charles Booth's findings in
London were similar to York
Found that 28% of York's population were
living in poverty
Divided poverty into primary poverty and
secondary poverty
Primary Poverty Secondary Poverty
· No matter how hard a family worked, · Could just about afford food, clothes
they would not have enough money and shelter for themselves
· No money for food, shelter, clothing · Living on the edge
· Did not stand a chance…read more

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Poverty ­ a political issue?
Rowntree's and Booth's books were read by
thousands of people including Winston
1899- Boer War, many men were rejected from
the army as they failed medical tests
British workforce could not compare with the
USA's or Germany's
In 1900, all socialist groups formed the Labour
They pledged better living and working
conditions…read more

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