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James Tipler
Help for paper 2

History Exam help sheet for paper 2

The paper is 1hour and a half
You must write in either blue or black in.
Make the handwriting readable.
The paper is worth 50marks
Look for the title of the paper so you know which…

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James Tipler
Help for paper 2

maintain support for the war. Other historians argue that such influence was not possible
because the war affected every aspect of British life. So, did government propaganda fail to
convince the British public to support the war?

Use a combination of skill and…

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James Tipler
Help for paper 2

others are being told to suspend theirs. It would be a perilous journey even if they wanted to
go to France for the holiday they are being offered.

Level 4 ­ Valid inference is supported by detail from the advertisement and put into…

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James Tipler
Help for paper 2

Question 5 ­ 2004 Paper
o Which source do you trust more in telling you about women war workers?
Use details of the source and your own knowledge to explain your answer.
Source E is unreliable because I know that Pankhurst was a…

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James Tipler
Help for paper 2

Question 2: 11 minutes
Question 3: 11 minutes
Question 4: 11 minutes
Question 5: 16 minutes
Question 6: 19 minutes

Identify the sources in 2 ways:

1. Provenance ­ who when where
2. Brackets E

Do not sequence for the question such as…

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James Tipler
Help for paper 2

The sources which disagree with this statement `For people in Britain during the First World
War life was good' are sources C, D and E.
Source C tells us of a Zeppelin attack on the east coastal defences and how everyone was


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