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What did the different women's groups do?
1. The suffragettes and suffragists stopped their campaigns.
The suffragists...
Persuaded men to join the army.
They continued holding petitions and meetings.
In 1915, they set up an employment register to recruit women
and ran training schools.
The suffragettes...
Demonstrated. They wanted women to be allowed to work in munitions
(weapons) factories. They also encouraged women to work there.
Changed their name to the "Women's Party".
Renamed their newspaper "Britannia" and became very patriotic.…read more

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The desire of the government to offer rewards for Likely that the Liberal government would have
services rendered during the war. given women the vote by 1918 as they were
pro-women's suffrage.
The war gave women confidence and an
increased sense of capacity (ability).
What jobs did women do and how much did attitudes
By 1916, Britain was short of 2 million workers as the men had gone to fight in the war.
· 600,000 women took on office jobs by 1918.…read more


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